• The CourtyardSix Luxury Four Bedroom Townhouses

    Type A
    The Courtyard
  • The CourtyardSix Luxury Three Bedroom Townhouses

    Type B
    The Courtyard
  • The CourtyardTwo Luxury Three Bedroom Townhouses

    Type C
    The Courtyard
  • The SquareThree Luxury Three Bedroom Apartments

    Type D
    The Square
  • The SquareFour Luxury Two Bedroom Apartments

    Type E & F
    The Square
  • The SquareFourteen Luxury Two Bedroom Apartments

    Type G
    The Square
  • The StablesTwo Luxury Three Bedroom Townhouses & Three Luxury Two & Three Bedroom Apartments

    Type C, J, H
    The Stables
  • The StablesEleven Luxury Two Bedroom Apartments

    Type K & L
    The Stables

Park Manor

Park Manor

A luxury home that’s just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Discover a home with views that are as breathtaking on the inside as they are on the outside. A stunning new development of luxury townhouses and apartments on the picturesque North Antrim Coast – an area of outstanding natural beauty where the Atlantic Ocean washes ashore onto unspoiled golden beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

This exclusive ocean retreat on Ballycastle sea front combines decadent luxury, inspirational design and tranquil living for those seeking a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but who still demand uncompromised quality.

Each and every home within this conservation development has been designed to offer owners much more than just a luxury retreat by the sea. With each property finished to the very highest specification and with every possible modern labour saving device, life by the sea really can be a holiday.

Park Manor Site Plan

Ideal Location

This picturesque sea front development is conveniently located to the centre of town and provides residents with unrivalled access to a wide range of local social and leisure amenities including golf, tennis, yachting and shopping.

Park Manor, Ballycastle – Google Map

Every storey has its own story…

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From Manor House to School House, Brewery to Soap Factory – Park Manor is today set to re-open its doors as a luxury home once more.

When it comes to a development with history, few homes can claim to have more character or heritage than those within the prestigious new Park Manor development.

Originally built in 1739 by Hugh Boyd, the town’s landlord, the Manor House site has played a significant role in the development of Ballycastle for almost 300 years.

Starting life as a luxurious Manor House, the site has adapted and evolved over the centuries, becoming a seat of learning for many and a place of work for others.

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Today, the site is set to once again return to its original purpose and will soon welcome countless new generations to this stunning rural location on the North Antrim Coast with its breathtaking and dramatic Atlantic sea views.

Lovingly restored, the exclusive Hugh Boyd Manor House stays true to the original architecture of the site whilst offering residents every possible luxury. Modern design carefully coupled with historical responsibility guarantees that this development sympathetically mirrors old with new.

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